Here you can find a complete guide to all Athens restaurants. There is a large variety of restaurants in Athens, ranging from Greek and Mediterranean cuisine to Asian and Arabic. Any cuisine you want to try, you will find it in Athens: from budget to luxury and mainstream to exotic, it’s all there waiting to be savoured. Discover the great range of restaurants in Athens and enjoy a delicious meal.

Fine dining in Athens

Talented chefs and successful restaurateurs from the world’s food Meccas have entered the kitchens in Athens restaurants and changed the Greek food setting into one that can compete with many European metropolises. The result is hundreds of excellent restaurants with chefs, menus and waiting staff that impress even the well-traveled gourmand.

International tastes in Athens

The concept of ethnic cuisine – which sprung up mostly at first in the multicultural pockets near Omonia Square — has recently entered the Athenian gastronomic scene. Many small Athens restaurants serving African, Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern food are welcome additions to the already vast choices of traditionally available cuisines (Italian, French, German etc.) throughout Athens and its suburbs.

Fresh fish

Attica is fresh fish paradise as fishermen set out to the surrounding seas, daily, to bring back the freshest varieties. You can find the catch of the day at Athens restaurants everywhere. We recommend you try the fish tavernas at: Glyfada, Varkiza, Sounio, Vouliagmeni, Piraeus and Microlimano. Creative fish dishes can also be found at many tavernas and restaurants in Syntagma, Kolonaki, Mets, Koukaki and Pagrati.

Street food

Athens is dotted with many charming and charismatic street vendor and, like in many big cities, they add an additional local flavor and aroma. In the fall and winter seasons, the streets of Athens are filled with carts roasting chestnuts and corn on the cob as well as dried nuts. Warm sesame and raisin bread twists are two staples of Athenian street-food enjoyed year round, especially for breakfast.

Cafés in Athens

Athenians, like most Greeks, love their coffee, especially their frappé, an iced shaken and stirred beverage that is consumed year-round. For Athenians, like their European counterparts, drinking a cup of coffee is a ritual that is often accompanied by a parea (a group of friends), good conversation and people- watching or reading the newspaper.

Gastronomic neighborhoods

We start our gastronomic tour in Syntagma Square in the center of Athens and in the area around the tree-lined Vassilisis Sofias Avenue. There are several fast food and chic restaurants and cafés to stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee, a fresh salad or, in the summer time, a grilled fish or cocktail whilst overlooking the Athens cityscape.