DEP.:0830am – 1930pm 2nd day.
1st DAY.:Drive to Delphi through Levadia and Arachova. Two hours at leisure. Depart for Kalambaka.Drive throuch the towns of Central Greece [Amphissa, Lamia, and Trikala] crossing the Thessalian plain,the granary of Greece, to reach Kalambaka.Ocernight and dinner.
2nd day.: Morning visit of the breathtaking Meteora and its Monasteries built on the top of high roks.Then start the drive back to Athens passing through Thermopylae where Leonidas was killed[visit] and Kamena vourla.Arrive in Athens early in the evening.

M.S.G. for Ladies, please for the visit of the Monastery you need a skirt.
M.S.G. for Gentlemen , please long trousers.
Thank you.